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01/25/15- Mailboxes Ice Treatment Buckets -
At each mailbox locations, we have placed a bucket with ice treatment. Please utilize the ice treatment when area around the mailbox becomes slippery.

01/25/15 BOD and Bill's Landscaping Blizzard Notification:

As you may be aware by now our area is expecting a Historic Blizzard that is expected to drop anywhere from 24-36 inches of snow by Wednesday morning. The storm is expected to be long duration event starting Monday afternoon and ending Wednesday morning. Bill's Landscaping LLC has taken all measures that are needed to sustain a large winter event such as this one. If conditions become crippling and the there is a state of Emergency it may not be possible for travel during blizzard conditions. With this said, we are at the mercy of the town and state and their decision to plow or not plow the roads for travel until conditions improve. Our priorities will be to keep main roads passable as long as conditions allow. Once conditions improve we will do the following service in the order listed below. Time frames for these services are based on the current forecast.
1. Open roadways Tues morning thru storm
2. Open ends of drives, late Tuesday
3. Full plowing of roads Tuesday night
4. Full plowing of driveways Tuesday night-Wednesday
5. Shovel walks- Wednesday
6. Shovel municipal walks Thursday
7. Shovel fire hydrants and other non-necessity items Thursday

Please note that if there is a true emergency on the property during the storm we will do our best to assist. Please call Elite Management Company 1-860- 678-8300 for any and all emergencies.

Please note that Bill's Landscaping labor force will face the same challenges as everyone else when it comes to travel. We ask that all stakeholders understand the gravity of this storm. Please be patient with the cleanup process as a storm this size will take some time.

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